Delivering High Quality Expressive Speech Driven Facial Animation at Unprecedented Scale


At JALI Research, our goal is to change the face of 3D facial animation. While many existing solutions automate, we’ve developed an innovative system that not only automates, but allows for the animator to retain artistic cont3rol throughout production.

JALI transforms 3D facial animation workflows for games, animated tv series, film, digital avatars, and more - JALI engineering distills scientific research and combines it with animation principles and human insight, delivering cutting-edge results:

    • high-quality 3D facial animations in 10 languages

    • a complete, expressive and editable facial performance at unprecedented scale

    • derived automatically from text, audio and text-to-speech inputs

"We are interested in the animated behaviour of the face. We are interested in how the animator distils the myriad of influences that affect the face into meaningful messages that communicate stories effectively. We are interested in the audience’s ability to experience empathy for characters in a narrative: how and when does a character come alive?"

- Pif Edwards, CTO @JALI

The JALI Research team is composed of established leaders in the fields of graphics research, cg software engineering and academy award winning animation. Together they are challenging the conventions of engineering and continue to advance innovation in procedural methodology combined with exciting new research applications of expression models and dramatic theory.

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