JALI Research Inc. at SIGGRAPH 2020

JALI Research is a recognized innovator in the field of speech animation, with recent contributions ranging from resurrecting procedural speech to deep learning based real-time speech.

At SIGGRAPH 2020, JALI team members contributed 3 new research papers and an industry focussed production talk in the fields of AI, machine learning and facial rendering.

RigNet: Neural Rigging For Articulated Characters

Technical Paper On Demand.

RigNet is an end-to-end automated method for producing animation rigs (skeletons and skinweights) for input 3D meshes representing articulated characters.

Two of JALI Research Inc's founding members, Karan Singh and Chris Landreth, will join an esteemed group of presenters to discuss their work.

Nonlinear Color Triads in Animation

Technical Paper On Demand.

Nonlinear color triads can approximate many natural color distributions while allowing interactive control. We fit color triads to images, showing a range of applications, including recoloring, compression, and deep learning.

The Technical Paper is authored by a group of University of Toronto researchers, including Maria Shugrina, Amlan Kar, and Sanja Fidler of NVIDIA and Karan Singh of JALI Research Inc.

A System For Efficient 3D Printed Stop-Motion Face Animation

Technical Paper On Demand.

Alongside fellow University of Toronto researchers Rinat Abdrashitov and Alec Jacobson, Karan Singh of JALI Research Inc will present the first system for processing computer animation sequences (typically faces) to produce an optimal replacement parts for use in 3D printed stop-motion animation.

Eugene Fiume Induction To ACM SIGGRAPH Academy

JALI Research Inc's own Eugene Fiume will be inducted into the ACM SIGGRAPH Academy this year. He joins an honorary group of individuals who have made substantial contributions to the field of computer graphics.

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