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Join the team at JALI!

We’re expanding operations at JALI and looking for more to join our team. JALI Inc. is committed to inclusion and diversity. Therefore, we encourage all qualified applicants to apply.

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Current Openings:

JALI Research Inc. is looking for a freelance technical writer to edit and revise an existing series of software instructional modules for the purpose of clarity; with the goal of making each individual lesson as economic and easy as possible.
Experience working in the tech industry and the ability to read code would be assets.

JALI Research Inc. is seeking a software engineer to join its software development team to contribute meaningfully to JALI’s growing suite of proprietary procedurally generated facial animation tools and workflows for production and real-time use-cases, management of code-base and automated systems, API integrations for 3rd party engines such as Unreal and Unity as well as bespoke development for the proprietary pipelines of JALI’s growing list of high profile customers in the video game, animation (series and film) and digital human industries.

As a member of the JALI Research Inc. team you would be working with some of the brightest minds in the CG industry. Reporting directly to the Chief Technology Officer, the successful candidate will be efficient and thorough in learning the code-base. This person will execute software releases efficiently using the established release management system, and work with their team lead to build and optimize the system as the company grows. The successful has industry experience or a demonstrated interest in the area of dev ops, and will be responsible for setting up and establishing repeatable and automated debugging, quality assurance, unit testing, release code management and version control for the existing and rapidly growing team.

● Collaborate with development team to continually implement best-in-class frameworks for robust software development and procedures
● Learning, maintaining and optimization of C++ code base with CTO
● Writing and refactoring development code for for product release using C++ or Python
● Develop, maintain, and provide support for the JALI plugins and C++ libraries
● Work with existing release management software to create client installers
● Configure a system that allows for automation of release processes
● Manage custom releases for clients
● Maintaining system release notes
● Debugging, QA and unit testing
● Maintenance and ongoing improvement of License Monitoring and Management System
● Support the Sales team with technical support as needed
● Other duties as assigned

● Strong, modern C++ and Python programming skills
● Experience managing database systems using SQL
● Bachelor degree in Computer Science or Software Engineering
● Experience developing within an existing codebase
● Experience creating automated QA testing and debugging protocols, release code and version control systems
● Ability to work independently and as part of a small team

● Some relevant work experience
● Experience with real-time game engines such as Unreal or Unity
● Experience with cross-platform development
● Familiarity with AWS
● Experience with Apache Kafka

● Have the ability to work as part of a team
● Be a self-starter with a can-do attitude
● Be cooperative, kind and patient
● Communicate effectively, especially when conveying complex technical information
● Demonstrate exceptional problem-solving skills
● Be confident interacting with end-user clients and creative staff to develop solution based tools and technologies in the fields of graphics, and specifically, character animation
● Always be looking to expand your knowledge and skill set through new learning opportunities
● Have a keen interest in video games, film, animation and performing arts

JALI Research, a leading software developer of synchronized speech and facial animation tools is seeking a senior level character rigger with game pipeline experience and strong programming skills to join their team.

●  Collaborate with the development team on all animation related technology, mainly focused on rigging, animation and exporters, editors, and pipelines

 ●  Support the design, develop, and optimize features of the Unreal plugin for JALI using a combination of C++, Python, Blueprints

 ●  Work closely with animation and engineering leads in the product development process, taking ideas from design, through prototyping, to production.

 ●  Collaborate with the sales team to assemble and organize user requirements, feedback and technical challenges faced by our customers

 ●  Maintain and fix bugs in the JALI toolchain

 ●  Test, debug, profile, analyze and optimize your code


 ●  Proficiency in animation (facial) and rigging (using skeletal bones or blend shapes) in Maya specifically and other DCC platforms

 ●  Strong Programming skills in Python, C++ and Unreal Engine Blueprints

 ●  In depth and detailed understanding of animation and deformation in run-time and in editor

 ●  Professional experience developing pipelines and creating tools

 ●  Knowledge of 3D mathematics (e.g. linear algebra, trigonometry and matrices).

 ●  Knowledge of current facial capture approaches, FACS poses, facial blend shape rigs, feature 
detection, etc.

 ●  Experience using source control software (i.e. Perforce, Git)


 ●  Have the ability to work as part of a team

 ●  Be a self-starter with a can-do attitude

 ●  Be cooperative, kind and patient

 ●  Communicate effectively, especially when conveying complex technical information

 ●  Demonstrate advanced analytical and problem-solving skills
●  Stay current with latest technologies/research ongoing in the field to help keep our dynamic art visuals at the cutting-edge regarding motion and deformation
●  Be passionate about games development and creative technologies


Reports to: CTO Permanent, Full-time

Contract options are negotiable, ideally 1 year min

Full time

Negotiated Salary + annual and performance-based bonuses Paid vacation, sick days and statutory holidays
JALI offers flexible work formats with options to work in the office, remote or on a hybrid model.
JALI is committed to inclusion and diversity. We encourage all qualified applicants to apply. Accommodation will be provided to candidates with disabilities, upon request.

JALI Powered

At JALI we view 3D characters, whether they are hero characters, NPC, or in-car virtual assistants, as digital actors. And at their most essential, whether they are photorealistic models rendered in 4K resolution, or they are cube - headed avatars on a Minecraft server or Roblox, the way in which they are all the same, is that they all have a job to do. And that job is to give a performance.

To power those performances, we develop artistic tools to drive the expressive performance of 3D digital characters, enabling story and character development, direction and animation capable of massive scale up with a fraction of typical resources.

Since the fall of 2020, when we launched our first product offering in conjunction with the much anticipated AAA game release, Cyberpunk2077 with development partners CD Projekt Red, we have been powering more expansive and more dynamic character driven stories, by accelerating production pipelines and empowering animators with user friendly automated animation workflows.

Our Team

The founders of JALI are leaders in the area of speech animation whose recent contributions to the field include resurrecting the long dormant area of procedural speech (SIGGRAPH 2016) and also for new work in deep learning based real-time speech (SIGGRAPH 2018). JALI CTO Pif Edwards is continually breaking new ground with his graduate research that has provided a disruptive speech-centric workflow for character animation in the form of JALI’s core software solution. 

The facial animation tools in the current industry standard for modeling and animation since 1998 Autodesk Maya (technical Oscar in 2003), were singularly designed and developed by JALI co-founders Karan Singh and Chris Landreth. Landreth’s award winning animated films Bingo (Genie 1998), Ryan (Oscar 2005), Spine (Genie nomination 2009), are celebrated for their uniquely expressive character faces. A Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, and member of the SIGGRAPH Academy, Eugene Fiume, likewise a pioneer in computer graphics, served as Director of Research at Alias|wavefront (now Autodesk). He is well known for helping to bring physical modeling of natural phenomena into production graphics systems.