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March 20-24, 2023, San Francisco, CA

JALI’s team is excited to join our industry partners at The Game Developers Conference 2023.

This one is going to be massive!

We are headed to GDC this year with a team that has grown 3X since the release of Cyberpunk2077 and our last year’s visit to San Francisco. We also welcomed more than 25 new studio customers this past yearAll of us are thrilled to have worked along with some very talented studio teams in the production of their games – from pre-production to ship – not least of which was the exhilarating collaboration on Call of Duty, Modern Warfare II. 

8 new games will be shipping this year, with character performances driven by JALI’s powerful production software — and although we are not allowed to name names just yet, a couple have already received most anticipated game of 2023 nods.

JALI is also proud to announce our sponsorship and participation in this year’s Animation Exchange where the creative focus is on the craft, tech and people that power interactive animation. We will invite folks at AnimExchange to join an exclusive closed beta test of our exciting new product.

Check all the JALI events agenda below and we can’t wait to see you @ GDC!



Making Faces: A Masterclass of Facial Animation

March 20 | 10:50 am – 11:50 am | Room 303, South Hall

Chris Landreth

Join Chris Landreth, our Co Founder and CCO, to learn how to bring believability into a digital character performance through knowledge of facial anatomy, subtext and emotion that will help drive storytelling in your next game.

This masterclass is focused on detailed facial animation, which will be most valuable for animators, riggers, and character technical directors.


The Creative Decision: A Fireside Chat and Demonstration with JALI co founders Pif Edwards (CTO) and Academy Award winning Animator Chris Landreth (CCO)

March 21 | 12:00 pm Pacific Time | Watch live on Twitch

Pif Edwards & Chris Landreth

Join JALI Co-Founders Pif Edwards and Chris Landreth live in conversation as they explore their unique approach to generating facial animation and tool building and the importance of the creative decision in telling compelling animated narratives.

This session will provide attendees with a live look at JALI’s tool suite in action and examine the important role collaboration plays in the JALI team’s tireless quest to empower digital storytellers with user-friendly automated animation workflows, as used in critically acclaimed AAA game releases like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II and Cyberpunk2077.

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March 20 – 24

We are super stoked to be inviting folks to participate in an exclusive closed beta test of our exciting new facial animation software for Unreal Engine 5.

Make sure to book your spot for this exclusive event!


Generative AI in Gaming

March 22 | 6:00 pm- 9:00 pm | Microsoft Reactor, 680 Folsom St, San Francisco, CA

Sarah Watling

Sarah will join an exciting panel discussion on Generative AI in Gaming, organized by Resemble AI.

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Let’s Meet @ GDC

We have an exciting schedule and look forward to seeing you there. Join us as we build and celebrate the game development community and industry.

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