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Upcoming Events


June 9 – 15 | Annecy, France

JALI is gearing up for an exciting time at Annecy. In addition to attending, we will also be exhibiting! We are teaming up with our friends at Ozone Story Tech to showcase artist driven, pipeline friendly solutions at our booth.

Find us in the New Technologies area at Booth A.19

Schedule a meeting to get a closer look at character animation at scale.

XP Game Summit

June 13 – 14 | Toronto, ON

Interactive Ontario Summer Mixer

June 13 | Toronto, ON

Join us in kicking off Toronto Games Week at the Interactive Ontario Summer Mixer. JALI is proud to support Interactive Ontario as Community Partners.

JALI Animate-From-File Workshop

June 20 | Toronto Film School

Featuring: JALI Co-Founders Pif Edwards (CTO) and Chris Landreth (CCO)

More details to come!


July 28 – August 1 | Denver, Colorado

Stay tuned to find out where to meet us next!

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Past Events

GDC Animation Summit

March 20 | San Francisco, CA

Making Faces: A Masterclass of Facial Animation

It was a full house for Chris Landreth‘s session! A big thanks to all who attended and a special thanks to all of the organizers who worked tirelessly to ensure that the animation summit would be a smashing success.

Did you miss Chris’ GDC talk? Well, we’ve got some great news – head over to the GDC Vault to watch the recording.

Animation Exchange

March 21 | San Francisco, CA

The Creative Decision: A Fireside Chat

Rewatch all the action from this year’s Animation Exchange including a Fireside Chat with JALI Co-Founders Pif Edwards and Chris Landreth in “The Creative Decision”.

Generative AI in Gaming

March 22 | San Francisco, CA

Thanks to Resemble AI for inviting Sarah to join such an exciting panel of teams taking generative AI further and further, and to all the other panelists for their unique perspectives. It was a great discussion and one of the highlights of the week!


June 12 – 18 | Annecy, France


June 26 – 29 | Toronto, ON

What an amazing time we had at Collision Conf!

We’re so grateful to have been invited by City of Toronto and Artscape Daniels Launchpad to participate in their featured programming last week, where JALI CEO, Sarah Watling, joined industry peers for a dynamic panel discussion about the importance of diverse, creative ecosystems like the one we have in Toronto.

Thanks to all who took the time to connect with us at the JALI booth in the Toronto pavilion. What a wonderful opportunity to forge new friendships and catch up with some familiar faces!


August 6 – 11 | Los Angeles, US

External Development Summit (XDS)

September 6 – 8 | Vancouver, BC

JALI is heading to Vancouver for the External Development Summit (XDS)! Interested in chatting? Drop us a line on XDS Connect or book a meeting directly here.

Montreal International Game Summit (MIGS)

November 8-9 | Montreal, QC

JALI is gearing up for the Montreal International Game Summit (MIGS) happening November 8-9!

We’re looking forward to making new connections in the Canadian game industry and catching up with old pals. If you’re curious about facial animation or just want to learn more about our tools, drop us a line here or on the MeetToMatch platform.

Toronto Unreal Engine Meetup

Tuesday, November 28th | 6:30 PM

Join Co-Founder and CTO, Pif Edwards, and Senior Engineer, Elzanne Venter, as they dive into the realm of high-quality audio-driven animations and explore how to direct them within Unreal Engine to power dynamic digital performances.

JALI 2.0 Sneak Peek

February 28 | 1 PM EST

Exclusive live-stream sneak peek at JALI 2.0.

U of T Entrepreneurship Week

March 3, 2024 | Toronto, ON

JALI Co-Founders Karan Singh and Sarah Watling captivated a full house with their journey of innovation and entrepreneurship demonstrating their successful spin-out from University of Toronto.

Game Developer’s Conference (GDC)

March 18 – 22 | San Francisco, CA

Booth Location: P1531

The JALI team is headed back to San Francisco for #GDC2024 and we’re thrilled to announce that we will also be exhibitors at this year’s Expo! In addition to being first time exhibitors at GDC, we will have speaking engagements and activ

GDC Animation Variety Hour

March 18 | San Francisco, CA

We were pumped that Sarah Watling (CEO) and Michala Braker (Face Animation Specialist) joined in this creme de la creme list of industry speakers.

The Animation Variety Hour is an evolution of the animation summit experience, mixing the craft and culture of interactive animation with an intentional spray of artisanal whimsy.

Building in AI: The new toolsets powering game production

March 20 | San Francisco, CA

JALI CEO Sarah Watling joined this exciting discussion delving into AI in game production with:

Andreas Edesberg (CEO, Sloyd)

Veronica Costa Orvalho (CEO,

Zohaid Ahmed, (CEO, Resemble AI)

Moderated and hosted by Guy Gadney (CEO, Charisma AI)

TFS Film Festival

May 16 | Toronto, ON

JALI is proud to sponsor and adjudicate the Visual Excellence in Game Animation award as part of an exciting partnership with Toronto Film School.

Read more on the partnership between JALI and Toronto Film School.