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JALI 2.0 is here!

Elevate your animation process with JALI 2.0! Full of new and enhanced features designed to power your performances with expressive, accurate lip sync and facial animation including features such as Custom Expressions, Emotion Browser and Batching.

Create more with scalable animation workflows, faster processing speeds and easy integration for any pipeline.


Discover 2.0

Products and Services

Supported Platforms

Maya 2019 Windows
Maya 2020 Windows
Maya 2022 Windows
Maya 2023 Windows
Maya 2024 Windows
(MacOS build available on request)

Unreal Engine 4/5 Plugins (BETA)

CLI: jsync.exe – Linux/Mac/Win
Library: C++ – Lin/Mac/Win

License Options

30 Day Evaluation Licenses

Commercial Production
Production – Project or Annual
Production – Studio, Annual
Per Seat / Time Based (Monthly/Quarterly) + Activation Fee

(negotiated on per project basis)
Project – Activation Fee + Success

Non Commercial
Academic – Annual Limited Use
Research and Development, Annual Limited Use


  • Rigging
  • Consulting
  • Custom Feature Development
  • API Integrations

Unique Language Models

French / Français
Russian / Pусский
Polish / Polski
Portuguese (Brazil) / Portugues (Brasil)
Japanese /日本語
Mandarin / 普通话
German / Deutsch
Italian / Italiano
Spanish / Español
Korean / 한국어
Dutch / Nederlands