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JALI’s automated lip sync and facial animation software empowers digital storytellers to easily craft naturally, richly expressive characters and avatars.

JALI Powered.

JALI offers production teams a powerful, flexible, and easy to use suite of tools to direct unforgettable digital performances with best-in-class automated lip sync, expressive multilingual facial animation, and high-performance rigging and pipeline solutions.

Discover JALI

Automatic lip sync in seconds.

Generate language-specific expressive lip synchronization from audio and text (or TTS inputs), fully customizable speech styles and dynamic facial performances, and easy-to-edit animation curves.

Generate expressive full-facial animation.

Animate and direct full character performance with eye motion (blink, gaze, saccades), brows, custom expression settings, speech settings, character profiling, emotion tagging, asymmetry, and head and neck motion.

Quality at scale.

All of JALI’s workflow can be fully-automated through scripting. The software features a user-friendly interface for handling batch animation, rig connections, and exporting.

Animate digital actors for any performance.

Hero characters and NPCs, digital assistants, VR training, and interactive chatbots all need believable and compelling facial animation and lip sync. With JALI, you can direct the right performance for a given context: in production or in real-time when using text-to-speech.

Automatically and quickly generate high-quality 3D facial animation from audio.

Supported Platforms
Maya 2018 Windows
Maya 2019 Windows
Maya 2020 Windows
Maya 2022 Windows
Maya 2023 Windows
(MacOS build available on request)
Unreal Engine 4/5 Plugins (BETA)

CLI: jsync.exe – Linux/Mac/Win
Library: C++ – Lin/Mac/Win

Seamlessly integrate JALI animation authored in Maya into Unreal engine or other engines through the JALI Command Line Interface.

Language Libraries

French / Français
Russian / Pусский
Polish / Polski
Portuguese (Brazil) / Portugues (Brasil)
Japanese /日本人
Mandarin / 普通话
German / Deutsch
Italian / Italiano
Spanish / Español
Korean / 한국어
Dutch / Nederlands

Interactive rig interface is language agnostic and precisely connects to proprietary or industry rigs adding fully-customizable phoneme and action unit control and more to your existing control scheme.

FACS+ based rigging system connects visually to proprietary bone or blend shape rigs.

Supported Third Party Rigs

A built-in respect for the craft of animation.

We are animators at heart. JALI’s procedural animation system employs intelligent automation and is designed with a deep understanding of the principles of rigging and animation craft. This allows JALI to integrate seamlessly into industry-standard pipelines and produce output that mirrors, and can be edited, as if your own animator had authored it themselves.

Discover JALI

Language specificity goes beyond representation.

“The overall quality of facial performance is one thing, but another thing is nailing down the correct, colloquial, or language-specific way of speaking that every native is expecting from the character they talk to. I think having characters that resonate and cross those international boundaries in this pretty personal way can be very powerful.”


Sebastien Kalemba, Head of Animation, Cyberpunk 2077

Automatic animation: instantly generated, limitlessly refined

JALI isn’t a black box that returns automatically generated animation. Often, JALI is the first step in creating cinematic-level animations. JALI produces sparse, one dimensional animation curves that can easily be edited, iterated, or blended with keyframe or motion capture animation directly in Maya. The art of digital character animation is constantly evolving, and our tools are flexible enough to redefine the future of animation — whatever form it takes next.

Your Success is our Success.

JALI is committed to your project’s success. Build billion dollar franchises, power unforgettable performances, hit technical art and pipeline milestones and innovations, and make more competitive outsource bids.

For one off proof of concepts to multi-year deals we provide custom levels of support from kick-off to completion, we’re on your team.

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A growing list of amazing partnerships.

We’re proud to work with some of the most creative and high-profile game studios, animation studios and R&D teams in the world.


Customers tend to quickly become fans.

“For every character in our game, every character throughout our entire world, we’ve achieved high quality lip sync and expressed emotions with JALI”
Mateusz Poplawski, Technical Character Director, CD Projekt Red
"Using JALI allowed us to implement highly-detailed digital characters across multiple languages in an amazingly fast time. The software was intuitive and easy to work with and allowed us to shine above a number of highly resourced and established competitors. We have always found that being able to iterate quickly and creatively is crucial to success. We can now say with confidence that JALI will be a central component to our digital character design pipeline moving forwards."
Spectre Studios
“One of Cyberpunk2077’s most impressive systems has to be JALI. JALI is software capable of complete automation of lip syncing and facial animation that offers developers complete control to fine tune the end result. The new technology has been a boon to the animators, and one that they argue they couldn’t be without.”
PC Gamer UK Dec 2020 Issue
“When I think about this relationship between CD Projekt Red and JALI in general…it reminds me of the quote from John Lasseter who once said that ‘the art challenges the technology, and the technology inspires the art’. In my opinion, what we’ve managed to achieve with Cyberpunk 2077 proves that.”
Sebastien Kalemba, Director of Animation, CD Projekt Red

Different paths to priceless execution.

Our different pricing and licensing options were created in order to meet the unique needs of a wide variety of users. Whether you’re an indie shop with big ambitions or a massive commercial studio with big demands, we can put together a licensing structure and workflow solution that fits your needs.

To see if the JALI suite of tools is right for your production, email us today to connect with a member of the JALI sales team for a free 30 day evaluation. 


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The humans behind the tech

Our team members are both artists and scientists, with a combined 94 years of graphics research and animation experience. Our process is grounded in a deep understanding of anatomy, perception, linguistics, performance theory, graphics, and craft. In 2020 we launched our first product offering in conjunction with the much anticipated AAA game release, Cyberpunk2077, with development partners CD Projekt Red. Since then we’ve worked with dozens of teams, to help power their facial animation pipelines. We are constantly innovating our software far beyond expressive lip sync to develop powerful interactive facial animation pipeline solutions. And we’re just getting started.

Sarah Watling

Co Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Strategic direction, growth through partnerships, genius wrangler.

Above-average amateur chef, Harry Potter LEGO collector, sidescrollers and vintage Nintendo only.

Pif Edwards

Co Founder & Chief Technical Officer

PhD Candidate (U of T) and Theatre Studies BA (Direction) Dalhousie University, Lead Software Architect, mad scientist, performance theorist.

40K Rogue Trader, 1st Edition AD&D, Deep Rock Galactic, i “heart” C64.

Chris Landreth

Co Founder & Creative Officer

Academy Award-winning animator and director, world-renowned lecturer: “Making Faces” masterclass.

Animation, rigging, and gatekeeper of animation quality.

Eugene Fiume

Co Founder, Board Chair

Research and Strategic Partnerships.

Empathetic people person, guitar enthusiast, strategic thinker.

Karan Singh

Co Founder

Academic Research

David Bossin Hardy

Director, Sales and Partnerships

Partnership builder, project stewardship, account manager.

Lover of people and Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

Lazo Poncho

Tech Art Generalist

Content creator, power user, customer success.

Fantasy enthusiast, master of the gameboard, part-time pet slave.

Elzanne Venter

Lead Software Engineer

Unreal Developer, C++ Animation Programmer, Bug Hunter.

Fiction lover (video games, books, movies), dog mom, obsessed with candy and Coke Zero.

Vanessa Field

Marketing Coordinator

Marketing, client support, communications and logistics.

Alysha Whyte

Operations Coordinator

People & Culture, Financial Administration, Executive Assistance

Amateur art historian who lives for karaoke, Guided by Voices and sloppy steaks at Truffoni's.

Spencer Neal

Release Code Engineer

Software deployment. Systems integration. Dev Ops.

Passionate about game design. Competitive FPS player. Live streaming enthusiast.

Jordan Zangara

Software Engineer

C++ programmer, Researcher, Compiler whisperer

Autodidact, electronics enthusiast, audiophile

Michala Braker (They/Them)

Facial Animation Specialist

Animation maker, knowledge archivist, customer success helper, education & outreach mentor

Bog witch with a gaming computer & an addiction to hot chip

Ribhav Kapur

AI Software Engineer

Pipeline automation, Feature development, Client request implementation

Anime lover, Sports enthusiast, ML & Graphics aficionado

Jacob Ritchie

UI/UX Lead

UI prototyping, Front-end programming, Design strategy

User research enthusiast, bike lover, Disco Elysium fanboi

Ollie Kirwan

Account Executive

Relationship builder, Customer Support, Account Manager

Fantasy lover, Sports Fanatic with a great accent.

Jason Lundy

Director of Revenue Operations

Sales, Revenue & Growth Guru

Petrolhead, Boat Fanatic and Builder of all things fast and furious